Stand A Chance To Win Big!

Starting in February 2021, we will be running a series of raffles where you can win big! Book your next event with us to win a FREE, ALL-INCLUSIVE HONEYMOON / GETAWAY at some of South Africa’s top destinations!

A 1-in-25 Chance, Or Better!

At Estia Venue, we give you so much more than you bargained for! We are currently running a raffle where you gain tickets based on the value of your booking. The prize? A fully-inclusive, all expenses paid Honeymoon or Getaway at some of South Africa’s most prestigious locations! Each raffle will only have 25 tickets available – meaning that even a single entry will give you at least a 1-in-25 chance of winning.


How many tickets do I qualify for?

Event value of R30,000: 1 ticket

Event value of R50,000: 2 tickets

Event value of R80,000: 3 tickets

Event value of R120,000: 4 tickets

Event value of R160,000: 5 tickets

Event value of R200,000: 6 tickets

Tickets Available in Current Raffle Round

What will be your lucky numbers?

Interested In Entering?

To stand a chance to win these incredible prizes, begin by either creating an online enquiry, or contact us for more information.

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